Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Born 12:55pm on Sunday, 9th July 2006.

Lesley did really well - a quick delivery with no pain relief, just lots of yelling. This photo is about 15 minutes after the birth:

Thomas is thrilled and is being a very caring and attentive big brother.


Anonymous said...

go F E R G U S !

Anonymous said...

Top drawer name for a cracking wee fella, great work all round !!! :-)

Anonymous said...

YAy! I was just about to send an email and ask when the due date was. Congrats. Good work on providing the swimmers, Ste. And to Lesley for the rest of the work :)


Anonymous said...

What a beaut! Congratulations to ya both. From yer ole Netnamer pal Sharon. xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Good to see that you're all doing well. Love, Reeta x